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3dbook.pngWHY THE HOLOCAUST?                            283 pages + plus photographs

The question of the twentieth-century is answered in Holocaust Exposed. This book is a first in that it offers a comprehensive Biblical account and answer to the greatest tragedy in human history. Whereas many have spoken before on the horrors of the Holocaust, this book gives opportunity for the Keeper of Israel to have His say.

The lessons of the Holocaust can only be fully understood in the light of the Holy Scrpitures. This book will teach you:

  • The tragedy was no surprise to the prophets of Israel 
  • The Lord gave clear warning in advance
  • The outrage that occurred was not because of divine retribution against          
  • the Jews, but rather it was a sinister plot of satanic forces who wanted to           
  • destroy the embryonic Jewish State before it was born                                                            
  • The death throes of a people became the birth pains of their statehood
  • The resurrection of Israel in 1948 heralded the soon return of Jesus Christ
  • And much more...
    "The ground that was soaked with so much Jewish blood has become sacred ground. The era of this enormous tragedy has also become sacred. I have received a mandate from Heaven to report comprehensively on what God has to say about that era. It is my duty to God to report on the Holocaust from His book."  - Pastor Nigel Woodley




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