Rachel Millward was a director (with her husband Bill) of the New Zealand branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

I believe Nigel's book is extremely timely. In spite of overwhelming evidence proving the holocaust was a reality, many people today still choose to deny or ignore it. The Biblical message concerning the part the Nation of Israel and the Jews play in God's plan for world redemption is often side-stepped by Christians. Some even falsely believe the holocaust was the final evidence that God is finished with the Jews. This book squarely confronts this attitude.

Nigel's numerous, well documented facts, and the scholarly and thoughtful way he presents the Biblical account of the greatest tragedy in history, makes for informative and compelling reading. 

Even though I have had the privilege of widely reading about Jewish/Christian relations and Jewish history over the past twenty-five years, taken twenty-two Christian groups to Israel, met with a number of holocaust survivors and spoken widely to numerous Jewish people in Israel and New Zealand, I discovered facts and information that was fascinatingly new to me. The book clearly shows that although God hates sin and sometimes allows the consequences to unfold, His mercy and grace continue. All Christians should be grateful to Nigel for taking the time to write this worthy account of one of the worst periods in the history of "Man's inhumanity to man" - and for presenting it from a Biblical perspective.   Click here for more reviews