Susanne Lakina member of a family of Jewish victims and survivors. Susanne is a professional editor in California who edited the book Holocaust Exposed 

Nigel Woodley’s Book, Holocaust Exposed, is a thoughtful and sensitive exploration of Bible prophecy as it pertains to the rise of Nazi Germany and the subsequent brutal persecution and attempted genocide of the Jewish people. Woodley masterfully presents Scriptures that go into achingly pointed detail about the atrocities foretold to come upon the Jews in Europe, as well as reveal how this people were warned in advance of the horrors to come.

As a Christian with a Jewish background, with numerous relatives having died in gas chambers and concentration camps under the Third Reich, I can attest that this book—contrary to what one might think—is a great comfort and full of hope. Woodley shows how God’s promise to restore Israel to her homeland and reestablish her as a people returned to her promised soil did not fail. In fact, the Bible shows that it is because of God’s promise to restore favor to Israel that prompts the attempted genocide of His people—a plot that nearly succeeded, were it not for God’s intervention on many fronts, showing his miraculous hand maneuvering events, resulting in Israel restored to her homeland only short months after the end of World War II. Much of these miraculous doings of God are foretold centuries earlier in Scripture, and bring the reader to an understanding of a merciful, loving, and compassionate God. My prayer is that Jews the world over will take time to read this book with an open mind and heart, as the Holocaust is the reason so many have lost faith in their Creator, unable to understand how and why a loving God could allow such horror to occur. This book will answer any doubt to great satisfaction. I plan to send it to all of my Jewish relatives to read. It is time for Jews to heal from this horrible dark period in history, and Woodley’s book is just the balm needed. >>>Click here for more reviews>>>