John Stacey - Navigator aboard Lancaster bombers with Bomber Command 

At the latter end of World War II a new word was coined - "HOLOCAUST". The word is aptly defined in my dictionary as "WHOLE BURNT OFFERING". Such was the fate of millions of unsuspecting Jews. The author of Holocaust Exposed brilliantly aligns each historical event of the Holocaust with its corresponding biblical prophecy and highlights the divine judgment that fell upon Nazi Germany as perpetrators of the Jewish genocide. Well did Bomber Harris, chief of the RAF Bomber Command say: "They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind". And so it was.

As a young crew member in Bomber Command with the RAF during World War II I vividly remember the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany. I also remember the shock waves in 1945 that spun around the world as the Allied Forces overran the Nazi Death Camps. This book is absolutely gripping - making compelling reading - even though its truth portrays the brutal barbaric darkness of man's total inhumanity to man. I wonder if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be convinced by its authenticity?

 Brian Mitcherson, J.P., D.H.A., F.I.M.L.S., Church Elder 

I was living in England during World War II and for a number of years after it had finished. My home was situated right in the centre of Bomber Command Territory and nightly we would see the 1000 bomber raids being amassed and sent to Germany. We were aware, through newsreels at the cinema, of the awful devastation caused to German cities, but the newsreels later in the war also revealed the gruesome and horrendous images of the death camps where the Nazi regime was systematically endeavouring to totally exterminate the Jews. We saw the pictures of the Allied Forces liberating these regions and we realised that the German people were reaping what they had sown in the mass extermination of Jewish people.


The writer of "Holocaust Exposed" has captured much of the horror of those death camps and he has amazingly linked these events with the words of the Old Testament prophets. This book is without doubt a Holy Spirit inspired document and should be recommended for reading for Pastors, Church leaders and all Christians who have any concern for the Nation of Israel and for it's future under The Hand of God.

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