Holocaust Exposed will clarify to the reader why current events in the Middle East are as they are. This book of sixteen chapters contains 282 pages plus an additional section of photographs courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 
By taking actual historical accounts and testimonies of those who witnessed and survived the tragedy, this book proves the biblical significance of the Holocaust in that it compares the words spoken by the ancient biblical prophets of Israel with the actual events themselves. It will not take a rocket scientist to see it. 
The fact that God spoke about the Holocaust thousands of years before it happened and recorded it in the Holy Scriptures makes Holocaust Exposed a significant book. 
Well known New Zealand healing evangelist Weston Carryer said:
"This Holy Spirit inspired book, written only as a result of such diligent Bible research by the author, has clearly revealed that the Bible does show us that the Holocaust was going to take place. Many of the details, which could only have applied to the events that transpired in the Holocaust are listed." 
Holocaust Exposed is very readable. It will enrich the individual greatly in the knowledge of Israel and the Jewish People. It is also ideal for group settings where the book becomes the manual for the teacher and the textbook for the student. The fact that the Sovereign Lord made note of these historical events by His holy prophets far in advance of them happening means that we should take it upon ourselves to learn and understand what is important to God.